Finally got my hair the color I originally intended!

I realized that my hair was basically fuchsia in natural light, so I dyed it again last night. I turned plum! So I did it once more this morning and came out the color it was supposed to. And it's beauuutiful. I used Age Beautiful 4 (darkest plum brown) and mixed some Ion Red Hot Intensifier in. This final time. » 8/20/14 11:34am 8/20/14 11:34am

My most recently finished commission!

I loooove how it turned out! Thank you Meletor for the order! For those of you waiting on orders, they'll be arriving within the next week or so! I've been a little behind just because of transitioning between jobs and whatnot. As always, if anyone wants to order, you can check out my etsy shop at the link below!… » 8/11/14 7:28am 8/11/14 7:28am

I have an interview for Lane Bryant on Thursday!

I have a bunch of preliminary interviews this week for a second job, but this is a real interview! I had a phone interview, which at first I thought was going pretty poorly as I was trying to explain my graveyard shift hours to her, but once she asked me about the company I started talking about the Isobel Toledo… » 8/11/14 12:26am 8/11/14 12:26am